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Vertical K2 Villaroger - Les Arcs

23 juillet 2017

Fort du succès de ses deux précédentes éditions, TPS avec le soutien de la station des Arcs et de la commune de Villaroger, décide à nouveau de tutoyer les cieux avec son double Kilomètre Vertical (K2).

La Vertical K2, c’est une course de trail : l’unique étape française de l’European K2 Cup, un challenge européen de double Kilomètres Verticaux !

Le parcours est exigeant mais il ravira les amoureux des cimes et les inconditionnels du dénivelé. Et pour cette 3ème édition, deux parcours, au choix, seront à nouveau proposés sur la mythique piste de l’Aiguille Rouge :
K2 : 7.6KM / 2000M D+
K1 : 3.4KM / 1000M D+

Le parcours : 7.6KM / 2000M D+ :

Le départ, en masse, sera donné au niveau de Villaroger, à 1220m d’altitude, le 23 juillet à 9h30.
La première partie se déroulera sur une piste en herbe à travers la forêt de Villaroger. A l’approche de l’intermédiaire K1, le tracé fera découvrir aux coureurs un paysage minéral avec, en fin de parcours, la traversée du glacier du Varet pour une arrivée au sommet de l’Aiguille Rouge, plus de 3220m d’altitude.

L’hiver, le parcours proposé représente la plus longue descente à ski balisée d’Europe.

Le tracé :

Le programme :

> Jusqu’à 8h30 dernier délai : dépose des sacs des coureurs
> Jusqu’à 9h00 dernier délai : Retrait des dossards à Villaroger ou la veille de 16h à 18h
> 9h30 : Départ
> 15h : Remise des Prix

À noter :

> Des ravitaillements légers sont prévus au niveau de l’arrivée du K1 et du K2.
> Des barrières horaires sont prévues pour être classé (mise hors course au-delà) :
       * À l’intermédiaire K1 => 11h30
       * À l’arrivée => 13h30
> Le retour est libre et se fait par l’itinéraire de la montée pour le K1.
Pour le K2, les participants descendront en téléphérique jusqu’à Arc 2000 puis emprunteront un itinéraire balisé pour rejoindre Villaroger via Soliet.

Pour s'inscrire :


Plus d’infos sur : http://k2-tps.fr/

Editions précédentes


The 2nd running of the vertical double kilometre took place in spite of unstable weather conditions in Villaroger, with scattered storms and showers, but nevertheless it brought together 252 runners on the start line for the two separate climbs, the K1 and the K2!

A battle royal developed on the K2 between the 2 runners from Team Sportiva France: Swann Juillaguet et Tao Quemere. The latter was able to win hands down in 1h27 and 13s. Swann, not far behind, crossed the finish line 25 seconds later. Kévin Manon was placed on the 3rd step of the podium in 1h32 and 48s.

The finish on the glacier du Varet was difficult for the fastest runners after 7.6km and 2000m of vertical ascent, where it was a struggle against the gusting wind, the hail and a temperature which did not rise above 5 degrees…

Thomas Lorblanchet, a legend of trail running and five times winner of the Grand Trail des Templiers, also took part in this event. Although he is not a specialist in the vertical kilometre, the course was an excellent training ground for his preparation for the UTMB which will take place at the end of August.

The ladies’ event produced a surprise! The Swiss Maya Chollet wasn’t shy about taking first place on the podium in 1h46 and 16s. Jessica Pardin from Team Hoka, although favourite to win the race, finished almost 2 minutes after her rival. 5th at the French VK Championships in Manigod,Mélanie Jeannerot was placed 3rd in the ladies’ race in 1h51 and 34s.

And the K1?

The K1 which comprises 1000m of vertical ascent over 3.4km was made up of thirty runners, amateurs for the most part. This race remains accessible to all trail runners and walkers and provides a “gentle” entry to the sport. The event was won by Anthony Maillard, followed very closely by Corinne Favre, who is also a Team Sportiva France runner; a very fine performance by this mountain icon.

Click here for the classification of the two events

Vertical K2 Villaroger – Les Arcs

31 July 2016

On the strength of the success of the 1st event, TPS with the support of the resort of les Arcs and the village of Villaroger has decided to get back on familiar terms with the heavens with its Double Vertical Kilometre (K2).

The course is demanding but it will thrill mountain top fans and enthusiasts of height differential !

The course: 7.6KM / 2000M D+ (vertical ascent) :

The mass start will be from Villaroger, at an altitude of 1220m, on 31 July at 9.30 a.m.
The first part will be run on a grassy track through the Villaroger forest. At the approach to the intermediate finish, K1, the route will take the runners into a rocky landscape, crossing the le Varet glaciertowards the end of the race and finishing at the summit of the Aiguille Rouge, an altitude of more than 3220m.

In winter, the course to be run represents the longest marked downhill ski run in Europe.

The course includes some technical sectors towards the finish but is accessible to all.

The trail runner Thomas Lorblanchet, four times winner of the "Templiers", has also announced his intention to take part, but also Tao Quemere and Corinne Favre!

The route :

The programme :

> Until 8.30 a.m. : Entries can be made on site depending on the availability of places and for latecomers (surcharge of 5€)
> Until 9.00 a.m. : Issue of numbers in Villaroger
> 9.30 a.m. : Start
> 3.00 p.m. : Prize giving

Please note :

> Light refreshments will be provided at the K1 and K2 finishes.
> Time limits will be set for classification (unclassified outside these times) :
       * At the intermediate finish K1 => 11.30 a.m.
       *At the finish => 1.30 p.m.
> the return is by the same route as the ascent for K1.
For K2, runners will go down in the cable car to Arc 2000 then follow the marked trail back to Villaroger via Soliet.

To enter :


Further details on : http://k2-tps.fr/


1st running (7.6km 2000D+)

2 August 2015

The first true Vertical Double Kilometre (K2) has been held in France and what’s more in les Arcs!

For its 1st running, TPS has chosen to climb the summit of the Aiguille Rouge, the highest peak in the resort of les Arcs reaching an altitude of 3220m.

The course has been particularly attractive thanks to its line and will stretch from the heights of Villaroger nature reserve to the Eastern edge of the ski area through the forest and crossing the Varet glacier.

During the winter, this route is the longest marked ski run in Europe, which will please more than one person!

The course was open to everyone and was not too technical (except the short section on the glacier).

For the 1st running of this event, nearly 270 runners and mountain people came to Villaroger on Sunday 2 August to do battle with this the first real double vertical km event to be put on in France.

The anticipated duel between Jean François Philipot (Hoka/cabb reigning French FFA champion) and the local Yoann SERT (recently 2nd in Val d'Isère in the Skyrunning World Cup) certainly took place.

Having been neck and neck over the first 1000 metres of vertical ascent, the ski-mountaineer from the Tarentaise managed to assert himself over the final part to win in style in 1 hr 23min 39s finishing 4 minutes ahead of his nearest rival! The trail runner Lionel Poletti (11th ITT 215) ran an outstanding finish to complete the podium.

In the ladies’ race, Christel Dewalle, the event’s ambassadress and odds-on favourite, was able to live up to her ranking and win by a margin in 1 hr 35 mins 20s despite difficulties in the last part of the race. Behind her, the champion Corinne Favre, a last minute entry, had to battle hard to get the better of Jessica Pardin (Hoka); just five seconds separated them on the finish line! In the KV (vertical kilometre), Guillaume Girma and Valérie Clément took the honours!

You can find all the information relating to the TPS Vertical K2 on the official web site: http://k2-tps.fr/ 



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