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de l'été Arc 1950
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Every Wednesday in summer, Arc 1950 is organising a grand festival dedicated to families.

Based on a different theme each week, entertainment will run continuously throughout the day with workshops, introductions, animal shows make-up sessions …

The village, decorated in keeping with the theme, comes to life to bring you the experience of the only day of its kind!

To end the day with music and dancing, come to the Place de l’horloge to enjoy:

>a party for your children with balloons, fancy dress and surprises…
>fire pits, light games and night-time magic …

You’ll have stars in your eyes, guaranteed!

Without further ado, here is the world that is featured this summer:

Arc 1950 Park

Far West!

Biking Day!

arc 1950's "Foire du trône"

Mountain celebration

The big splash!

Arc 1950 animals

Arc 1950 casino

If the weather doesn’t play along, no need to panic: most of the entertainments can be moved indoors or altered. So no risk