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Tuesday 26 October updated on 10-26-2021 at 8:06

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Catch the Panda

Catch the Panda

the game

A film in 360°, hidden objects to find and quirky prizes to win?? That what «Catch the Panda », our brand new experiential game promises you!


How do you play?

1. After opening the game’s wonderful home page on www.catchthepanda.com, a little click on the «Play _ Start » button is all it takes to start the video! Suspense…

2. The film starts and it’s time for you to have fun moving about the video using your mouse or finger (for mobile and tablet addicts!)

3. Have you just seen the panda, the baseball bat or the dancer whom you must find?  Perhaps there’s still time to catch him using the red button under the video!

  • a) You didn’t see anything happening? It all went too quickly for you?... Don’t shout, don’t cry; you can have as many goes as you want ;-)
  • b) You’ve been more agile than a cat?? You’ve just won one of the countless prizes up for grabs? There’s just one thing left for you to do; fill in your contact details on the form provided otherwise you risk losing the prize you’ve won and that would be a pity…


What can you win?

Countless prizes every day!!


Allez, que la force du panda soit avec vous !