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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.

Tuesday 27 July updated on 07-27-2021 at 8:06

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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.
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Christmas present

A little early Christmas present !

Download the pattern for your future Christmas stockings now to decorate your sitting room!

Your pattern

Material required:

- Coloured felt (red, white, green or other)
- Thread of the same colour as the felt
- A pair of scissors
- An erasable felt pen
- Braid ribbon
- White wool

Step 1

Print the patterns
Cut round the dots and mark out the boot pattern on the red felt folded in 2, the snowflake patterns on the white felt and the tree patterns on the green felt with a light trace of felt pen.

Step 2

Cut out the pieces of the boot with a 1 cm margin and the snowflake pieces with no margin, then rub out the traces of felt pen with a damp cloth.

Step 3

Stitch the snowflakes and Christmas trees onto one side of the boot with the thread. Place the two sides of the boot against one another, stitch 1 cm from the edge then turn inside out.

Step 4

Stitch the wool on the edge of the boot spacing the stitches. Stitch the ribbon or lace to the edge of the boot as a decoration.

Step 5

Stitch 2 x 25 cm of ribbon to the back of the boot to make a loop to hang it up.

And to finish your Christmas decoration, have fun making your own little pine cone pixie using our tutorial!

Your pattern

Material required:

- Blue felt
- Red felt
- Pine cone
- Polystyrene ball
- Small mobile eyes
- Plastic snowflakes
- Fine marker pen
- Glue
- Thread
- Needle
- Scissors

Step 1

Draw the pixie’s mouth and nose on the polystyrene ball

Step 2

Glue the polystyrene ball onto the pine cone

Step 3: the pixie’s hat

Draw a triangle with one rounded side on the red felt then cut out your outline.
Glue the edges of the hat together.
Now glue the hat onto the pixie’s polystyrene head.

Step 4: the gloves

Take the blue felt and draw the gloves. Cut them out and glue them onto the pine cone.

Step 5: the eyes

Glue the mobile eyes onto the polystyrene head.

Step 6: Making the string to hang the pixie on the Christmas tree

Take the needle and thread. Pass the thread through the top of the hat until half of it is through and tie the ends in a knot.

Step 7

Glue the snowflake to the top of the hat and hang the pixie on the tree!