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Ouverture du 14 Décembre 2019 au 25 Avril 2020

Wednesday 26 February updated on 02-26-2020 at 8:06

Ouverture du 14 Décembre 2019 au 25 Avril 2020

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Yuge & Win

Résultats Freeride Week 2016

Ce ne sont pas moins de trois compétitions qui ont eu lieu du 29 janvier au 06 février aux Arcs : 2 compétitions de 2* et une 4* où les participants ont eu de la chance de rider de la neige fraîchement tombée ! Le spectacle était au rendez-vous et nous sommes ravis de vous le faire partager en images !

Sans plus attendre, voici la vidéo des plus beaux runsde cette semaine de compétitions >>

Et les résultats de chacune des compétitions :

Les résultats du 4*

Ski Hommes :
- 1er : Nicolas Salençon
- 2ème : Flo Jaufred
- 3ème : Elias Hendersen

Ski Femmes :
- 1ère : Juliette Willmann, qui enchaine les victoires après sa seconde place à Chamonix et sa première place à Vars.
- 2ème : Stöckel Karin
- 3ème : Stéphanie Cook

Snowboard Hommes :
- 1er : Florian Bouver Fournier
- 2ème : Thomas Feurstein
- 3ème : Chris Charlet qui fait son deuxième podium de l'hiver sur les FWQ après sa victoire à Chamonix.

Snowboard Femmes :
- 1ère : Anna Orlova
- 2ème : Manuela Mandl
- 3ème : Anouck Mouton

Voir la vidéo de la 4* du 05/02

Les résultats des 2*

Ø  2* du 2 février

Ski Hommes :

- 1er : Vassili Bottier
- 2ème : Florian Vauthier
- 3ème : Nikolai Schirmer

Ski Femmes :

- 1ère : Kajsa Larsson
- 2ème : Sophie Martz
- 3ème : Laia Castellarnau Plaza, à nouveau à la troisième place comme à Vars, elle avait aussi remporté l'étape de Chamonix. 

Voir la vidéo de la 2* du 02/02

Ø  2* du 4 février

Ski Hommes :

- 1er : Nicolas Salençon, qui aura donc remporté deux des trois épreuves.
- 2ème : Jules Socié
- 3ème : Hugo Carraz

Ski Femmes :

- 1ère : Caroline Stromberg
- 2ème : Juliette Willmann, à nouveau sur le podium, pour la cinquième fois déjà cet hiver !
- 3ème : Laia Castellarnau Plaza, également abonnée aux podiums, ce qui n'est pas étonnant quand on l'a déjà vue skier... 

Voir la vidéo de la 2* du 04/02

Bravo à tous les participants !

Arc 1950 Freeride Week

From 29 January to 07 February 2016

LThe French Freeride Series which counts towards the famous Freeride World Qualifier (2** and 4****) will be taking place this year over a full week in Arc 1950!


30 & 31 January 2016

Le Freeride Junior Tour or FJT is aimed at young freeriders between the ages of 14 and 17. In France there will be various 1 to 2** competitions which will be organised to offer all young athletes, novices or experienced, the chance to take part in freeride events and to qualify for the three 3*** European stages of the Freeride Junior Tour organised alongside the stages of the Freeride World Tour.

> The complete program <


01 & 02 February 2016

Le Freeride World Qualifier or FWQ, is made up of about fifty events organised throughout the world. Freeriders can take part in as many 1* to 4* competitions as they like and earn points (plus one star race where points can also be earned). The 3 best results achieved during the season go forward to the final FWQ classification and the best contestants in each region will be selected to take part in the FWT the following year.

Dates to remember:

>Freeride World Qualifier 2* 01 & 02 February 2016 

The complete program <

>Freeride World Qualifier 2* 03 & 04 February 2016

> The complete program <

>Freeride World Qualifier 4* 05 & 06 February 2016

The complete program <

A perfect day to come and admire and discover the art of snow riding.  



Freeride Bear Battle

2nd edition


The French Freeride Series which counts towards the famous Freeride World Qualifier (2**) will take place on 7 and 8 March this year in Arc 1950.

ARC FRENCH FREERIDE 1950 QUALIFIER 2 **, but what is it?

The Arc French Freeride 1950 Qualifier (2**) is the essential round on the winter 2015 freeride skiing circuit because it will enable the best freeriders to win points in the FWQ overall classification for the Freeride Bear Battle which will take place the following day.

Contested as a duel, the second day will see the 32 best riders of the previous day following in the footsteps of the regions bear hunters of old.  At the end of the weekend, a single rider will be crowned as the best «bear hunter » and will be awarded a trophy.

To recapitulate:

Saturday 07 March:

     >Round of the French Freeride Series, or a dream opportunity for every competitor to give their best by making their best runs.

Sunday 08 March:

     >Bear Battle Freeride or the elimination duels!

A perfect day to come and admire and discover the art of snow riding.

A village will be available at the finish for all visitors throughout the weekend with a number of entertainments:
>mountain awareness,
>music and food and plenty of other surprises too!

Entries & information: info.fwq.lesarcs@gmail.com

NB: The competition has been moved, for security reasons, and will now take place on the area of Arc 1600, Malgovert!
For those who wish to attend the event, you can get closer to it from the Mont Blanc track.

This winter, you’ll be unwrapping the slopes with the Paradiski YUGE app!

Until 22 April, you can discover YUGE & WIN,the instant-winner which will see you walk away with a mountain of gifts directly from the app!

How does it work?

Nothing could be simpler, there are just 2 steps and not one more - promise!

  1. Download the Paradiski YUGE app, if you haven’t already!
  2. Enter your lift pass number directly in the app (« lift pass » heading).

Once your number has been recognised, you’ve won or lost! Easy, isn’t it?

And the good news is, the more you ski, the more you’re entitled to play and so potentially the more chance you have of winning!

What can you win?

Season, 6-day or daily Les Arcs/ Peisey-Vallandry lift passes valid for the 2016-2017 winter season AND for the 2017-2018 winter season,

Made in Les Arcs gifts: the collector ski hat or a pair of sunglasses - indispensable on the slopes,

 Toboggan entries at Mille and the Rodéo Park… yeeha!

  Entries to the swimming pool,

  A driving course on the Volkswagen circuit,

  And even a holiday for 4 people in les Arcs during the 2017/-2018 season with accommodation in a 2-room apartment for 4/5people, 4 x 6-day Les Arcs/ Peisey-Vallandry lift passes, 4 weekly entries to «The Swimming Pool», total value of 2200€ incl taxes, valid outside school holidays and according to availability!

Good luck, everyone!

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