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With the family

Family holidays are special times for discovering our heritage: treasure hunt, information booklets, heritage trails … for parents and children alike.


  Les tarifs et les jours des visites sont présentés sur Ma semaine aux Arcs, le Programme d'animation ou en Offices de tourisme.

Upper-Tarentaise Cooperative Dairy

Located in Bourg Saint Maurice, the cooperative brings together 52 producers which who put their passion to work for an exceptional product, Beaufort AOP, a Savoyard cheese with incomparable qualities. These producers watch over the preservation of the Abondance and Tarine breeds of cattle. The milk, collected untreated and whole, gives beaufort cheese all the wealth of the scents of the high mountain flora. A building within the Cooperative dedicated to promoting Beaufort AOP !

For even greater conviviality, it has three superb spaces:

   An exhibition hall: IMMERSION in the world of Beaufort
In this museum area over 2 floors, an innovative, fun and educational trail, accessible to everyone, will introduce you to the history of agropastoralism in the Upper Tarentaise (the land and its people), as well as the making of Beaufort AOP. Videos, showcases, interactive terminals, sounds and scents and virtual reality punctuate the visitor’s progress to provide them with total immersion!

   A boutique: elegant and innovative to introduce you to the region’s produce, a large stall with cheeses from local producers and a fine wine cellar. A place where you can taste the flavours of the Upper Tarentaise! An awakening of the taste buds, an experience out of the ordinary offered to visitors.



   The Alpine meadows of the Upper Tarentaise and the Beaufortain

   Beaufort, prince of gruyères