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Guided tours

Despite being a hub of experimental architecture, theresort of les Arcs was not an opportunity for the architects and planners to pull down the existing chalets d’alpage (rudimentary summer dwellings for stockmen). For Charlotte Perriand and her colleagues, they were evidence of the site’s history and should, on the contrary, be an integral part of the development plan. In the same way, the municipality of Bourg Saint Maurice - Les Arcs is as attached to this 20th century heritage as to that, much older, which is found in the town and villages.


  The rates and dates of the guided tours are presented on My week in Les Arcs, the weekly entertainments programme and in Tourist offices.

Modern architecture

Arc 1600, an architectural signature

A modern, functional resort, integrated into the mountain landscape and adapted to the slope.

The work of a team of designers which gathered around Charlotte Perriand, the architects Gaston Regairaz, Guy Rey-Millet, Bernard Taillefer, Robert Robutato and Pierre Faucheux amongst others. The latter was to design the Coupole the glued laminated wooden frame of which was used as the basis for the design of les Arcs’ logo.


Les Arcs, by night

An original stroll through the resort to discover its unique architectural heritage in the company of a guide.


From the integrated resort to the altitude resort

A guided tour to learn about the architectural singularities of Arc 2000 and Arc 1950.



Supervised by a ski instructor and a lecturing guide, this tour will enable you to learn about the main founding principles of les Arcs’ architecture from the slopes.

The route over the most beautiful slopes and panoramic settings will let you discover the positioning of the buildings in the relief and the natural landscape and, specifically, to understand the concept of “building on the slope” which has been favoured in les Arcs.


A fee is payable

Close-up on thearchitecture

Camera or smartphone in hand, set out with a guide and a photographer to discover les Arcs’ finest viewpoints.

A fee is payable


 Les Arcs Adventure

The 50th Birthday of Les arcs






Baroque colours

Discover the village of Hauteville-Gondon through its baroque church, a subtle blend of polychrome paint and gold leaf, reflections of Alpine baroque.


A medieval strip cartoon

Situated on a plateau 3 km from Bourg-Saint-Maurice, the little village of Vulmix is huddled around its Saint-Grat chapel where its 15th Century frescoes, like a strip cartoon, tell the legend of its patron saint: Saint-Grat.



Territoire & savoir-faire

Arpin Textile Mill, 200 years of history

Founded in 1817, the Arpin Textile Mill goes back to the era of the master wool-workers. The tour will reveal all the techniques: carding, spinning, weaving... on machines classified as Historic Monuments.

A fee is payable

Brewers’ Secrets

Discover the Petit Saint-Bernard brewery’s beer-making secrets with our master-brewers Patrick and Louise. Tasting.

A fee is payable