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January 2018

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edition 2017

A record attendance for the 3rd BIG uP & Down, the biggest ski touring event for the general public!

The Big uP & Down in a few figures:


  • 344 testers over the whole weekend were able to find out what’s new from 15 brand names,
  • 200 people took part in the Belle Montée, a convivial excursion by the light of head-torches,
  • 69 entrants for the Kilianomètre, a steep climb of 850m at night won by Mathéo Jacquemoud, the winner of the last Pierra Menta!
  • No less than 73 entrants for the Big Nak which closed the weekend in style over an original course with special timed uphill and downhill sections! This unique race thought up by Enak Gavaggio was won by the most complete skier: Enak Gavaggio himself!
  • And more than 70 people were able to try out the sport through specific workshops

Amongst the new events this year was a Girls Only excursion run by the ski-mountaineering champion Caroline Freslon and the renowned mountaineer Liv Sansoz, which put big smiles on the faces of those who took part.

Kilian Jornet... Enak Gavaggio..., are these names familiar to you? With these two renowned athletes, you can share a weekend focusing on all aspects of ski touring!

For its 2nd appearance in les Arcs, the Big Up & Down will be set up on the Arc 1800 snow front from 27 to 29 January 2017.

On the agenda for this long weekend: ski touring with everyone bringing their own ability and wishes with the aim of sharing and enjoying themselves!

This year, part of the programme will be "Girls Only" and dedicated to girls who want an introduction to ski touring or who want to hone their skills, all supervised by champions in the sport who are happy to share their passion such as Caroline Freslon and Liv Sansoz .


! New in les Arcs !

This year we are offering 2 new  ski touring trails  to introduce you to the sport and for you to train on!

On the menu this weekend celebrating the heel lift and the joyful turn!

Friday 27 in the evening -the Kilianometre: an ascent open to everyone and led by the trail-running and ski-mountaineering champion Kilian Jornet himself!

Saturday 28 evening - the Belle Montée: untimed, everyone at their own pace, a little climb by the light of head torches and supervised by instructors. Do it with your friends, to make new ones, for a laugh and of course before the downhill run, some hot soup!

Sunday 29 - the Big Nak designed and laid out by Enak Gavaggio for endurance skiing, over part of the les Arcs ski area. On the menu: some slices of downhill and little morsels of uphill. All with two options: the light version or the XXL version. 

Throughout the weekend:

 - A Test Village on the snow front, to discover & test the ski touring range of fifteen brands.
 - Workshops to learn about the safety and with supervised introductions.


Entries open 15 October.
Further details:


   The BIG uP & Down is a Community Touring Club (CTC) event. 



Editions précédentes

Big uP & Down :
3 days in celebration of ski touring!

The Big uP & Down, the unique modern event for all forms of ski touring organised by the Community Touring Club with the support of was held in les Arcs from 22 to 24 January 2016.

Three days celebrating lifting the heel with two sporting challenges led by Kilian Jornet (the 2015 Gold medallist in the vertical race and in the individual event at the Ski Touring World Championships) and Enak Gavaggio of Team Les Arcs, a Belle Montée (Great Climb) under the stars and an equipment testing village.


Friday 22 January – The Night time Kilianometre

It was under an almost full moon that the entrants to the Kilianometre, the montée sèche led by Kilian Jornet, started on the Friday evening. The hundred or so competitors lined up at the start in Arc 1600, ready to do battle with the « Catalan chamois » and Laëtita Roux.

The latter took part in the race in the company of skiers who favour the wide ski: Enak Gavaggio, Mathieu Navillod and Romain Grojean of Team Les Arcs… ! A freeride spirit that revitalised this former Alpine skier.


Le Scratch du kilianomètre

1 - Kilian Jornet
2 - Joris Perillat-Pessey
3 - Sébastien Fayolle

All the results of the men’s and women’s races


Saturday 23 January – Unleash your heels and your good humour!

As evening fell, a hundred or so tourers gathered in Arc 1800 for the start of the Belle Montée. The idea was simple: without stopwatches and with nothing at stake, a climb of about 400m of height difference under the stars.

Skiers from all over the country gathered at the start: Cédric Pugin, Jérémy Prévost, Adrien Coirier of Team Les Arcs, Caroline Freslon, Ingrid Jacquemod and Fabien Maierhofer of Bon Appétit.

Head torches in place, they all fitted their skins and unleashed their good humour for a shared snow riding moment!


Sunday 24January– The only endurance event of its kind in the world!

The Big Nak gave free expression to freerando … in its full dimension and over the whole les Arcs ski area! A good helping of downhill seasoned with a bit of uphill and sheer fun!

The competitors set off from Arc 1800, in a « le Mans 24 hours » style start, the competitors on one side and their skis on the other! A splendid and panoramic setting at the top of the Aiguille Grive (2 732m), the last stop on the course with a view over the Grande Casse, the Grande Motte, Mont Pourri, the Aiguille Rouge, Mont Blanc and the Dent du Géant.


Le Scratch du Big Nak

1 - Enak Gavaggio
2 - Eric Chatrian
3 - Victor Bernard

All the results of the men’s and women’s races


Big Up & Down

22 to 24 January 2016

Do you like ski touring? Do you enjoy a challenge?

It’s now time to pick up the gauntlet and the BIG UP & DOWN is the dream opportunity!

From 22 to 24 January, 3 events, as testing as they are exciting, await you in the company of famous sports people!

On the programme:


On 22/01/2016 from 5.00 to 9.00 p.m.

In a single night-time ascent, come and challenge the famous Kilian Jornet, «the extraterrestrial of the trail» starting in Arc 1600!


All results


On 23/01/2016 from 5.30 to 9.00 p.m.

Enjoy a star-spangled sky and an outstanding night-time landscape throughout this great (free) climb with 400m of height differential. That’s what the Great Climb promises!



The home made BIG NAK

24/01/2016 from 10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

The idea of Enak Gavaggio, a member of Team Les Arcs, and designed by him, this is an endurance event on both the climb and the descent that awaits you starting in the Test Village in Arc 1800! So, ready?


All results

Not forgetting the presence over the 3 days of the Arc 1800Test Village, at Mille8 next to the Lodge restaurant where you can try ski touring equipment on site from:


  • 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on 22/01/2016 (aimed at mountain pros) 
  • 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on 23/01/2016
  • 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 pm on 24/01/2016


Don’t wait to enter - places are limited!

>> Further information here <<