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  5. Les Arcs : the ideal resort for novice skiers

Do you want to learn how to hurtle straight down snow-covered slopes without fear? Or perhaps you’re looking for the ideal place to get into skiing as a family? Then look no further than Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry! The resort has dedicated novice areas, including a free “first-time skiers” zone, easy-to-access beginners’ slopes, and specially priced passes.


With 10 beginners’ slopes across the resort, it’s the ideal place to slip on your skis and sample the joys of skiing in complete safety.

There are also safe, marked-out slopes earmarked exclusively for beginners: Bas KL (Arc 2000), Premières Glisses-Premiers Virages (Arc 1800), and Cabri-Flocon (Peisey-Vallandry).



At Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry ski resort, learning to ski is easy with a brand-new concept built around three separate progression areas:

- First-time skiers
The “Premières glisses” area, for first-time skiers, is located on the snow front at Les Villards. It’s the perfect place to slip on your skis and enjoy your first taste of skiing. Access to the area is offered free of charge by the resort.

- First bends
Hop on board the Les Villards cable car and try out your first bends at altitude with views of Mont Blanc.  The “Premiers virages” area faces just the right way to enjoy wall-to-wall sunshine all day long.

- First descent on the Les Cabanes beginners’ slope
This beginners’ slope winds its way through the forest, with plenty of places to stop, admire the scenery and socialise.

Les Arcs/Peisey-Vallandry ski resort offers everything you could possibly need for a great skiing experience – even if you’re a beginner!


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