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Opening from December 12 to April 30, 2021


Wednesday 28 October updated on 10-28-2020 at 8:06

Opening from December 12 to April 30, 2021

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We have tried to anticipate all your questions and to answer them as clearly as possible. These measures are likely to be changed as the situation develops.

Where will I have to wear a mask?

This winter, it will be compulsory to wear a mask on the ski lifts (in the queues and on the lifts themselves). On the other hand, there will be no restrictions on the ski slopes.

Les Arcs is going to create a special mask to make this essential accessory nice to use for skiing. It will be on sale in our partner shops.

Visuel non contractuel.

What will happen in the resort?

As throughout France, you will have to wear your mask when you go into a shop or when you are in enclosed premises. Additionally, all our staff in the resort are issued with masks and hand sanitizer. For now, there are no restrictions in the streets of our resorts.

Will the number of skiers on the pistes be limited?

We have no plans to reduce the number of skiers on the pistes. Some American resorts have taken this stance, but that is not the case in les Arcs. Needless to say, we shall be paying attention to the flow of visitors and we are working towards enabling them to move more freely.

If I am unable to come to the resort because I have Covid, will my lift passes be refunded?

Yes, you may cancel or alter your order on the on-line sales site 48 hours before your first day’s skiing.

Will I be reimbursed pro rata if the ski area closes?

Yes. If we have to close the ski area, we will reimburse skiers pro rata for the unused days. Of course, we do not envisage closing for the time being …

Will the number of skiers be limited per chairlift or in telecabins?

The ski lifts are subject to the same regulations as the transport sector. Wearing a mask is sufficient and there are no additional rules – like on the train, the underground or the RER.

We will be encouraging people to board in family groups or groups of friends to limit crowding between people who have not had prior contact with one another.

Will the ski lifts be disinfected?

Yes, we will be paying particular attention to this and, as during the summer, all the lifts will be disinfected.

Will it be possible to get tested in the resort?

We have a medical analysis laboratory in the valley in Bourg Saint Maurice. We are considering the possibility of setting up a testing station in les Arcs if we can get the necessary equipment in time.

Can I cancel my accommodation if I am unable to go on holiday?

We recommend that you talk to your accommodation provider to find out what provisions are included in your reservation contract. Many accommodation providers offer cancellation without charges until the eve of your departure or simplified terms.

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