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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.

Opening from July 4 to August 29, 2020


Thursday 09 July updated on 07-09-2020 at 8:06

Opening from July 4 to August 29, 2020

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L’achat de forfaits de ski est indisponible.
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You’re all ready to go walking in the mountains. The great outdoors and a good breath of pure fresh air are all yours! However, there are a few rules to be observed to preserve what nature has to offer us.

Wildlife Watching

You will certainly come across marmots, chamois and, for the luckiest, bouquetins or mountain ibex. We would ask you to please keep your distance and not to feed them.

Marked paths

Stay on the paths themselves as much as possible in order not to disturb the surrounding flora or cause soil erosion.


Rover cannot go with you everywhere. Dogs are not allowed on some paths, particularly in the Vanoise Park, the idea being not to disturb the ecosystem. An exception is made for herding dogs and for disability assistance dogs.

Gathering plants ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Your child has embarked on creating an herbarium. What a good idea! However, gathering some protected species is not allowed. Picking flowers and fruit on private land is also forbidden.



Don’t forget to bring a bag with you to take the remains of your picnic home. Favour a re-usable water-bottle over a plastic bottle.  

Socially responsible deeds​​​​​​​

Some trails are used as much by walkers as mountain-bikers. If you see a branch across the path, don’t hesitate to move it to clear the way for our friends on two wheels.

The magic of silence​​​​​​​ 

To avoid disturbing the peace of the local wildlife, and indeed of other visitors, make every effort to avoid noise, shouting and the untimely ringing of telephones.

Do not light fires

​​​​​​​Forget about toasting marshmallows round the fire. Summers are often dry and you risk starting a fire that is difficult to bring under control.

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