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Saturday 10 April updated on 04-10-2021 at 8:06

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  5. Correct recycling of waste on holiday

Choosing more responsible holidays is now possible.

Here are some good alternatives and sound attitudes for reducing your impact on our mountains. Needless to say, what you do at home works well here too. The idea is to share our « made in Les Arcs » tips with you.

Recycling your waste on holiday in les Arcs


In Bourg Saint Maurice-Les Arcs, recycling your waste is quite simple. We have « mollocks » nearly everywhere in our resort enabling waste to be properly managed.

3 options:  Yellow for packaging and paper, Green for glass and Greyfor household waste.

Here are a few examples:

   +Sun cream  → Yellow

   +Cake packets after snacking on the slopes → Yellow

   +White wine bottle left over from your fondue recipe → Green

   +Sudoku and crosswordsYellow

   +Cheese rinds and picnic leftovers → Grey


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