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Wednesday 20 October updated on 10-20-2021 at 8:06

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  5. 2015 - Résidence Les Lauzières Arc 1800

Les Lauzières - Arc 1800: owner ADS

Points appreciated:

- The optimisation, flexibility and functionality of spaces: you have space

- The clever flow; everything is well considered

- It follows the original principle of « indoor / outdoor » perspective:

    o Uncluttered space and sightlines from the entrance and from the 3-bedded rooms to the glass doors

   o The rectilinear alinement of the suspended cupboards

- The innovative ingenuity, the creativity and the good ideas: the drainage system in the ski cupboard, the doors /dividing walls, the leather handles/tabs, the duvets with logos, the shape of the table etc.

- The very well-integrated bathroom unit; you would think it had been designed and made at the same time as the rest.

- The sober, sophisticated and understated decor; the choice and quality of the photographs, the cuckoo clock won everybody over!

- The quality materials and fittings: hats off to the Corian