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SIGNATURE LES ARCS promotes stylish, inventive and functional interiors to develop, preserve and encourage les Arcs’ distinctive architectural style.

The originality of the buildings in les Arcs’ resorts stems from the architectural thinking which permeated the design – roof lines following ridge lines, no cars in the resorts, open shopping malls,  residential complexes positioned so that every resident can enjoy a view, functionally laid out designer apartments where skiers and golfers can stay in comfort.

The architectural style of residential complexes in les Arcs is resolutely modern.  It does not reflect the traditional image of the mountains, but that of a large leisure centre. This is why the " SIGNATURE LES ARCS " award promotes les Arcs’ distinctive architectural style.

Apartments are short-listed by Référence Les Arcs.

A jury of experts then inspects and assesses the interiors. 

The jury is made up of a journalist, an architect, an artist / designer, a photographer or cameraman and a representative of a tourism or community body.

An assessment guide based on the  standard of architectural refinement is provided to assist with the appraisal.

The assessment is based on 4 criteria:

- Les Arcs' design pedigree

- Contemporary style

- The practicality and durability of the fittings and materials

- The feeling of well-being and the advantages of the design

The decision to award the SIGNATURE LES ARCS is taken after the jury has deliberated.

A SIGNATURE LES ARCS award ceremony attended by the property owners is then held.


Les Lauzières - Arc 1800: owner ADS

Points appreciated:

- The optimisation, flexibility and functionality of spaces: you have space

- The clever flow; everything is well considered

- It follows the original principle of « indoor / outdoor » perspective:

    o Uncluttered space and sightlines from the entrance and from the 3-bedded rooms to the glass doors

   o The rectilinear alinement of the suspended cupboards

- The innovative ingenuity, the creativity and the good ideas: the drainage system in the ski cupboard, the doors /dividing walls, the leather handles/tabs, the duvets with logos, the shape of the table etc.

- The very well-integrated bathroom unit; you would think it had been designed and made at the same time as the rest.

- The sober, sophisticated and understated decor; the choice and quality of the photographs, the cuckoo clock won everybody over!

- The quality materials and fittings: hats off to the Corian



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