Parkings Arc 2000 - Ski Resort Les Arcs – France

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Free access parking.

At Arc 1600, Arc 1800, Arc 2000 and Bourg Saint Maurice, during summer.

Parking at Arc 2000

Covered car parks

Arc 2000 has two covered car parks, the "Lac des Combe"s and the "Mont-Blanc".

  Charging stations for electric cars are available in the covered Mont-Blanc car park.

Open-air car parks

You also have three outdoor car parks, P2, P3 and P4.

Find your way around Arc 2000


When you arrive, make your way to an open-air or covered car park convenient for your apartment building. Once you have taken your ticket at the entrance, you have 2 hours free.

In the Lac Des Combes covered car park you have a choice of Pre-Payment (in the form of a season ticket to be bought on your arrival) or payment at the end of your stay (directly by credit/debit card in the terminal at the exit, at the Automatic Payment Point or in the Car Park reception office): you then have one hour to leave the car park.

Lac des Combes or Mont Blanc COVERED CAR PARKS

Prices Covered: ARC 2000
First 2 hours 0 €
1 day (24h)24,40 €
2 days (48h)43 €
3 days (72h)55 €
4 days (96 h)67,50 €
5 days (120h)80 €
6 days (144h)92 €
7 days (168h)92 €
Lost ticket160 €
Subscription 7 days (only on internet)92 €


Prices Exteriors : ARC 2000
First 2 hours0 €
1 day (24h)19,60 €
2 days (48h)33 €
3 jours (72h)45 €
4 jours (96 h)55 €
5 jours (120h)65 €
6 days (144h)74,60 €
7 days (168h)74,60 €
Lost ticket 160 €