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Opening from December 14th 2019 to April 25th 2020

Tuesday 22 October updated on 10-22-2019 at 8:06

Opening from December 14th 2019 to April 25th 2020

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  1. Les Arcs
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  4. Enak Gavaggio
  5. Rancho

Enak Gavaggio turns into Rancho, for this cross-generation and humorous series which introduces us to the world of skiing «in its broadest sense » as well as everyday skiing. Between the imaginary and reality, Rancho is an attractive character who takes us on his snow-riding adventures with passion and from whom it is hard to separate yourself once you’ve started following him!

You can find everything about the first season on this page with:

  • The teaser,
  • The first episode « 45 skating » shot during the « Transjurassienne », one of the most emblematic of events in the sport of cross-country skiing,
  • The second episode « 65 skating » filmed during the French Downhill Championships in Méribel. 

Season 2 of the Rancho Web Show with :

  • The teaser,
  • The third episode of « 63 au patin » filmed during the Women’s Slalom World Cup in Zagreb
  • The fifth episode of  « 15 au patin »filmed on the La Plagne bobsleigh track during the French Skeleton Championships » 
  • The fourth episode « 110 au patin »filmed in the Jura and Courchevel where Rancho tries a sport that is as challenging as it is vertiginous: ski jumping!

The first episodes of season 3 of the Rancho Webshow with:

  • the teaser,
  • the sixth episode « 45.22 at the ice rink » filmed during the Biathlon World Cup in Sweden alongside the French team and notably Martin and Simon Fourcade!

Season 4 of the Rancho Web Show with:

  • the teaser,
  • The eighth episode « 64 under Foot» filmed during the legendary ski-mountaineering event, the Pierra Menta, alongside Kilian Jornet, Mathéo Jacquemoud and Laetitia Roux!



C'est en combinaison de latex rouge que le moustachu aux éperons a franchi les cellules de la célèbre piste de KL de Vars à 205,712 Km/h. Le ski-héro touche a tout a tout de la Websérie qui vous décoiffe fait son passage obligé dans l'univers secret du ski de vitesse. « Quand tu dépasses les 200kmh, il ya ce petit moment ou tu sens que tes skis ne touche plus la neige…c'est a la fois horrible et fascinant » raconte Rancho. Une chose est sûre, le cowboy destroy n'a pas freiné dans cette nouvelle aventure qui le propulse dans le club très fermé des skieurs a plus de 200 km/h…

Saison 5 - Episode 10 : 98 au patin

55° de pente pour cet épisode haute montagne qui va conduire le moustachu aux éperons dans une épopée Chamoniarde dont il se souviendra. Accompagné du jeune et talentueux Vivian Bruchez pour qui la pente raide est un art de vivre, le touche-a-tout du ski va s'aventurer dans le massif du Mont-Blanc pour réaliser une première et rencontrer quelques unes des légendes qui ont façonnée la discipline. Une cordée dans toute sa largeur pour l'épisode 10 de la websérie.

Saison 5 - Teaser


Lightweight skis, lightweight boots, featherweight bindings and a heavy moustache, Rancho roused the ski-mountaineering world with a special skinsuit episode during the legendary Pierra Menta, a real institution of the sport. With its 5000 spectators and 2500m of height differential, the legendary stage of the Grand Mont was to live up to its promise and team 199 « Rancho -Caroline Freslon » crossed the finish line strongly and with honour alongside Killian Jornet, Mathéo Jacquemoud and Laetitia Roux.


Rancho, still at his post for the 4th season!


The skier with the spurs returns to his roots exploring a sport he knows well: Backcountry skiing! Moustache in the wind on his snow-scooter and 106 mm underfoot for an epic in the Canadian powder, in the footsteps of the « backwoodsmen » of modern skiing...

Season 3 - Episode 3 : 45.22 at the ice rink

A rifle on his back and raring to go, Rancho, the moustache wearing man in spurs from les Arcs, slipped on his cross-country skis for the start of the first Biathlon World Cup in Sweden alongside the French team and two of its celebrities, Martin Fourcade and Simon Fourcade!

Season 3 - Teaser

«Skiing in full» run by Rancho is back in business for its third season, rich in characters and different sports!

Saison 2 - Episode 5

It was head first with just 15 mm runners that Rancho launched himself down the La Plagne Olympic bobsleigh track at the French Skeleton Championships. 115 kph on the speedo and 4G in the icy corners on this infernal run …nothing to trouble our favourite moustachioed Arcadian!

Saison 2 - Episode 4

In this fourth episode, through a sport that is as challenging as it is impressive, Rancho brings us the full panoply of the skiing experience. Travelling the roads between the Jura and Courchevel, Rancho valiantly tries ski jumping for our entertainment! Hats off to the artiste!

Saison 2 - Episode 3

In the eagerly awaited third episode, Rancho’s adventures take him to Zagreb to take part in one of the legendary events on the world circuit: The Ladies’ World Cup Slalom. 75 gates and a pretty steep wall are what await him at the start of this splendid slalom!

Saison 2 - Teaser

The teaser for the new season sets the tone! Rancho is ready to take on new challenges and is afraid of nothing, despite the ever changing length of his runners!

Saison 1 - Episode 2 : 65 au patin

In the second episode, Rancho covers the small, closed world of speed, putting on "65 skating” in the French Downhill Championships in Méribel. Wearing number 43, Rancho runs alongside the French team for an episode where seconds really count …

Saison 1 - Episode 1 : 45 au patin

In the first episode, Rancho sets off on the emblematic « Transjurassienne » for 57km of hard sweat, with his spurs on and a pulse rate of 170. It’s hard to believe on the morning of the race, but Rancho enjoys skating in the Jura forests along with the 4800 cross-country skiers on the start line. An ON/OFF journey in the too little-known world of the enthusiasts of the "45 skating "…

Saison 1 - Teaser

Enak Gavaggio turns into Rancho and invites you into his world: skiing…in all its guises, via an original and crazy web series project. We’re not saying any more … have a look and you’ll understand!

Follow the adventures of Rancho on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ranchowebshow.

And to find out more about what happens in the web series, you can see the interview with Rancho here exclusively! 

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