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Opening from December 12 to April 30, 2021


Sunday 27 September updated on 09-27-2020 at 8:06

Opening from December 12 to April 30, 2021

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  1. Les Arcs
  2. Our actions

Les Arcs change for better

We are establishing a simple action plan which draws on the Japanese «Kaizen» initiative . « Kai » means change and «zen» better. This is intended to be a simple, gradual and gentle approach.

We realise than we must continuously improve our various actions:

Protecting our environment 

Knowledge of biodiversity  and the landscape and incorporating the ARC (avoid, reduce, compensate) system into daily life.


We must rationalise our consumption of natural and energy resources and cut our emissions.

Reducing our fossil fuel consumption

 •  GTL low-emission fuel, free of fine particles
 •  Establishing our carbon footprint: April 2020
 •  Teaching “eco-driving”

Reducing our electricity consumption

 •  Favouring the purchase of electric vehicles
 •  Working on our downtime consumption
 •  Producing electricity by solar panels
 •  Renovating and constructing high energy performance buildings
 •  Producing hydroelectricity (analysis under way)

Reducing our water consumption

 •  Producing the « right » snow
 •  Collecting and using rainwater

Raising awareness

Rolling out communication tools, setting up and activating a regional development study.



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