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Ski area open from December 11 to April 30, 2022


Thursday 23 September updated on 09-23-2021 at 8:06

Ski area open from December 11 to April 30, 2022

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Responsible tourism infrastructures


In 2016, the les Arcs Bourg Saint Maurice council launched its ENERGY VOCATIONAL TRAINING CERTIFICATE.

The object of the action plan is to reduce the energy impact of tourist, cultural and educational infrastructures as well as street lighting.


The council has entrusted these structures to a single operator to improve their performances through work and maintenance of the new installations.

This operation enables the energy consumption of 18 buildings and 2076 streetlights to be significantly reduced as well as reducing the costs and meeting the COP21 objectives.


 •   To reduce energy consumption by 36% and street lighting by 67%
 •   To reduce the production of greenhouse gasses by its buildings
 •   To bring the average age of the installations back below 10 years
 •   To  improve the thermal comfort of the buildings to manage the temperature room by room
 •   To provide disabled access to the buildings.


Since 01/03/2016, we have saved:

 +  305 tons of CO2
 +  1 445 500 kW
 +  323 000 €

Equivalent to a reduction of more than 35% of energy costs.