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425kms of pistes in the Paradiski area, which requires care and safety whether you’re an experienced skier or a beginner! That’s why the resort of les Arcs and Paradiski can show you several fun and educational videos on the subject of safety on the ski slopes!

Wearing helmets, putting children on the lifts, adjusting your skis, courtesy in the lift queues … there are so many little bits of advice and tips to help you enjoy your winter sports holidays with peace of mind with your tribe or your friends!

adjusting your skis

Before you swoop down the freshly groomed pistes, it is essential to make sure your skis are properly adjusted for a trouble free winter sports holiday !

wearing a helmet

Romain Grojean, David Poisson… the best skiers in the world wear helmets and will show you why in pictures …

courtesy in the lift queues

Being jostled while waiting your turn on the chairlift to make another run on the snowy slopes … perhaps that’s just happened to you? To avoid it, let’s talk about courtesy in the lift queues. Patience and politeness: the keys to peace of mind on your holiday!

putting children on the lifts

This episode offers you advice for taking the chairlift with your children in complete safety.

controlling your speed on the ski slopes

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