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Monday 17 January updated on 01-17-2022 at 8:06

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Walking in the mountains cannot be improvised so here is some advice before you set off.

- Avoid going into the mountains alone.
- Always let somebody know the objective of your outing.
- Make sure you know the route you are going to follow and its difficulties before you set out.
- Beware of grassy slopes which are often slippery and there can be rocky cliffs below them.
- Don’t venture into river beds.

Don’t forget to check the local weather: +33 (0)8 92 68 02 73 or 3250.
In case of bad weather – fog, rain, snow etc - , turn back.
Some routes can present difficulties relating to the weather conditions or snow coverage according to the season.

- Walking boots, lightweight clothing to protect you from the sun as well as the cold and rain.
- Sunglasses, gloves, hat, sun cream.
- Poles are recommended to maintain and improve your balance.
- Don’t forget to rehydrate yourself and to eat regularly or to observe the recovery periods by taking breaks.

- To preserve the mountains, keep them clean by taking a small bag to take your rubbish back down to the valley.
- It takes a lot of work to maintain the footpaths. Don’t cut the corners which creates new grooves that channel rainwater and damage the paths.

In summer, the Alpine meadows are grazed by livestock. Some rules enable everyone to enjoy the mountains while respecting the work of the farmers and the animals’ peace.


  If you come across any livestock, give a wide berth to the grazing area, sheep pens and enclosed paddocks. Then you won’t disturb the animals.

  Faced with a protection dog, behave calmly and passively to reassure it. If you are scared, slowly turn round and go back.

  Be careful of behaviour that may seem harmless to you (trying to feed, stroke or take a photo of a Great Pyrenees dog, a sheep or lamb): the protection dogs may see this as aggression!

  If you are using walking poles, don’t threaten the dogs with them and keep them pointing down.

  If you are on a bike, it is best to get off before getting close to livestock.