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The Illuminated Murals of the Aiguille Rouge, an original place to stop and visit

And if it were possible to divert the garage of a ski lift (a night cocoon that protects the cabins from altitude conditions) from its primary function, what would we do with it?

At the arrival of the Varet gondola, there is an unsuspected place, hidden from view, which, every morning, begins a transformation and puts on its costume of light. The 500m2 of the Varet cabin garage gives way to an extraordinary experience at altitude. An unexpected passage reveals a triptych of universes in which the visitor is invited to wander, listen and contemplate luminous frescoes twirling around the seasons.

This unusual digital exhibition by the unexpected character of the place and its altitude, amazes to create a unique memory out of time.

Access to the Aiguille Rouge Illuminated Murals is offered to children between 0 and 12 years old during the winter school holidays from February 4th to March 4th 2023.

The Aiguille Rouge
Illuminated Murals

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FROM 10/12/22 TO 21/01/23 FROM 10AM TO 12PM AND FROM 1PM TO 4.15PM
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FROM 05/03 TO 29/04/23 FROM 9.40AM TO 12PM AND FROM 1PM TO 4.50PM

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Accessible to both pedestrians and skiers. A ticket is required to access the Varet gondola. Subject to accessibility to the site.