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So you are ready to go, but have you thought of everything?

 The good cyclist’s checklist:

   +  Make sure you have the right bike for your chosen route.

   +  Follow the marked trails to protect local flora and fauna.

   +  Don’t forget your helmet. It will ensure your safety if you fall but will also protect you from branches.

   +  Only take what is strictly necessary so you don’t weigh down your bike: a waterproof, a pair of sunglasses, a first aid kit, a water bottle, a snack, sun cream.

   +  Take a small repair kit: a pump, an inner tube, a multi-purpose tool, an anti-puncture canister.

   +  Remember to download your route before you set off.

   +  On certain routes, you may encounter livestock protection dogs. Dismount and walk beside your bike. Go around the animals and avoid eye contact, move away steadily and quietly.

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