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Hoist your sails!

What could be more amazing than flying like a bird above a mountainous massif that’s as beautiful as it is impressive?

Is it a dream? We can make your dream happen! And there’s no need to worry; you will be making your aerial initiation by para-glider in les Arcs under full supervision and in complete safety.

Come and find out now about the various options available to you this winter season.

Summer holidays in the mountains are saviours that open new horizons.

What could be better than taking to the skies on a paraglider flight to experience life at the behest of the wind, just like a bird?

The best way of going about it is to fly over the Alps with a paraglider. 

The resort of les Arcs offers paraglider flights, two-seater flights and paragliding schools to take care of you.

Well, what are you waiting for?! Once you’ve tried it, you’ll only want one thing: to do it again … scout’s honour!

Benjamin Raisson Parapente

Le vol en parapente biplace est adapté à tous les publics, été comme hiver.

Sans local commercial
Les Arcs

06 17 81 19 21

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Accompagné d’un moniteur diplômé d’état, laissez-vous planer et survolez un paysage grandiose !
L’hiver nous emmenons les skieurs comme les snowboarders.
Accessible aux enfants à partir de 6 ans.

Pas de disponibilités renseignées.

Opening period

All year round.

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