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Voies d'escalade aux Arcs

Que ce soit sur notre mur de grimpe d’Arc 1800 ou en milieu naturel, il est temps d’enfiler vos baudriers ! La varappe, autre nom donné à l’escalade, est un sport complet, qui nécessite de nombreuses qualités physiques, comme la souplesse et l’équilibre. Les Arcs vous propose de prendre de la hauteur au cœur de la station ou sur des rochers naturels.


In the resort center

The Arc 1800 climbing wall can offer you 20 different routes, suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced climber. Everyone goes at their own pace, the important thing always being to enjoy yourself. Whether you do top-roping or lead climbing, come and see us from Sunday to Friday in Arc 1800 (opposite the ESF chalet).

Equipment for this activity is provided and the sessions are supervised by professionals.

This activity is part of the HERO les Arcs multi-activities package. For further information, go the web page.  🧐

In a natural environment

Teams of qualified instructors can also take you on outings to natural locations. Our valley can offer you a multitude of climbing routes with uninterrupted views of our resort and its surroundings to reward you once you reach the top. These outings are available as an introduction to the sport or to improve your technique. You will be provided with equipment (helmet, harness, karabiners, ropes…).


La petite falaise de Séloge


04 79 07 12 57


Altitude départ : 1950 m
Nombre de voies : 20
Hauteur du site : 80 - 100 m
Qualité du rocher : Shiste
Exposition : Sud
Topo / carto : 3531 ET

Pas de disponibilités renseignées.

Opening period

From 06/01 to 10/31 : open daily.