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les Arcs Music Academy Festival

Du 19 au 30 juillet 2021 🎵

The Music Festival will be held in a reduced and different form, with Camille Pépin as the guest composer in residence. During the 47th festival, the public will be able to attend several concerts a day, either in one of the usual venues or in the open air.

Certain concerts will also be available on the new on-line platform. Preventative measures and the authorities’ instructions will be observed at all events.

This year, a collective of musicians will come together to work on musical works around a hundred musical scores and thirty concerts in suitable locations. Every day, the following day’s programme will be announced by word of mouth for a free andspontaneous event, refocused on the heart of the chamber music repertoire.

Since it was set up, the Festival’s task has always been to enable the young generation to get their careers off to a good start.

By maintaining the 47th festival, the artistic director, Eric Crambes, intends to renew his commitment to and profound support for young musicians affected on the front line by the health crisis.

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