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Pedestrian routes in Les Arcs

Whether you're a day walker or an experienced hiker, or even a snowshoer, it's with the greatest of pleasure and serenity that you'll marvel at the beauty of nature and the sumptuousness of the landscapes that surround you.

Explore the 20km of signposted trails and make your day's walking in Les Arcs an unforgettable experience! Breathtaking views and memories galore!

We offer footpaths and walks from every site in Les Arcs. Find them in the pedestrian guide.

Tip: The PASS PIÉTON + gives you access to the lifts and activities in the resort.

La Maïtaz

Télécabine du Transarc

Petite balade au milieu des résineux.

Level bue - Medium
7.2 km 110m D+ 32m D-

Durée : 60min
Altitude moyenne : 1779m
Altitude maximum : 1832m
Type de parcours : Boucle

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Une fois que vous aurez traversé le village de Charmettoger, vous allez vous retrouver au milieu d'une forêt d'épineux

Opening period

From 10/12/2022 to 29/04/2023.


Subject to favorable weather.


L'itinéraire est balisé.

Précisions balisage

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