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The backwoodsman’s soul which is sleeping within you is starting to make itself heard. Don’t delay any longer and get aboard a sled hauled by dogs and experience an adventure close to nature. Guaranteed to take you out of yourself !

How does it work ?
You take your place aboard a sled hauled by ten Nordic dogs. A musher, the sled driver, sets the dogs off and steers them using his voice. The trip lasts about 30 minutes and you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery on a shady trail.
We promise you some lasting memories.

Who is it for ?
If you’re looking for thrills or rather a moment of calm to enjoy the snow-covered landscape, the sport of dog-sledding is for everybody: athletes, families, lovers, individuals…

What to wear to get the most out of the experience ?
- Warm, waterproof trousers
- Ski hat, gloves, scarves
- Ski goggles in case of strong sun or wind

A piece of advice
As this is a very sought-after activity, don’t forget to book your dog-sled outing well enough in advance.



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