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Tuesday 23 July updated on 07-23-2024 at 8:06

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An overview of the estate's panoramic terraces


Hold on tight and expect to be amazed! The terraces at the heart of the estate are perfect for breaks, picnics and group photos! So get out your phones and prepare your best stories to capture those breathtaking mountain views!
Here are the spots you don't want to miss:


1. The Panoramic Terrace of Varet (2730m)

You're guaranteed to fall in love! Nestled at an altitude of over 2700m, the panoramic terrace at the top of the resort offers an unforgettable experience. Accessible from the Varet gondola at Arc 2000, this view unveils the majestic peaks of Roignais and Pierra Menta. An experience not to be missed before conquering the summit of the Aiguille Rouge.

- Accessible to pedestrians, perfect for a stopover before the ascent to the summit of the Aiguille Rouge.

2. Panorama de Carreley (2380m)
Mont Blanc within sight! Situated at the foot of the Col des Frettes, the panoramic terrace offers visitors the chance to admire the beautiful Tarantaise valley. There are also rocking chairs and a swing for a relaxing break. Don't forget to take a selfie in front of the giant letters "LES ARCS" with the mountain range in the background. 
- Accessible to pedestrians and mountain bikers from the Carreley chairlift in Arc 1800.

3. The Comborcière lookout (2310m)
Take a gourmet break! This spot on the side of Arc 2000 is ideal for enjoying a picnic while taking in the magnificent views. The terrace offers all the comforts you need for a siesta in the sun. Afterwards, put your skis back on and hit the red "Secret" piste or the black "Comborcière" piste for thrill-seekers. 
- Accessible to hikers from Arc 1600.

4. The Panoramic Terrace at Vallandry (2130m)
A corner of paradise for families! Take advantage of this relaxing area between ski lessons to admire a 360° panorama. Visit the Mountain Animal Museum to learn more about biodiversity and nature conservation. The terrace is equipped with rocking chairs and picnic tables, offering stunning views of Mont Blanc. Vending machines selling local produce and drinks are also available. 
- Accessible to mountain bikers and pedestrians from the Vallandry cable car.

5. Le Balcon sur la Vanoise (2150m)

A magical place for nature lovers! Le Balcon sur la Vanoise promises unforgettable moments, where time seems to stand still. If you're a keen photographer or just looking for some peace and quiet, this is the ideal place to escape from everyday life. New this year: the balcony has been enlarged to create a stage worthy of the greatest natural spectacles.

- Accessible to hikers from the Vallandry cable car

6. L'envole de cachette (2160m)

Discover l'envol de Cachette, a space adorned with an imposing bench and a swing offering a breathtaking view of the valley. Immerse yourself in the landscape and let yourself be carried away by the surrounding elements. A weathervane and compass rose make it easy for visitors to find their way home. If you're lucky, you'll be treated to the incredible sight of a paraglider taking to the skies!

- Accessible to paragliders, mountain bikers and pedestrians from the Cachette chairlift.