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Tuesday 18 June updated on 06-18-2024 at 8:06

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Saype celebrates 20 years of Paradiski

For its 20th anniversary, Paradiski is thinking big, really big!

To celebrate this precious age, we invited Land artist Saype to the party. He came to create two monumental frescoes on the snowy slopes of Paradiski.

The work, called "Encordés", is made up of two 1,000 m2 creations. In this work, two children join forces to climb a mountain and pave the way. Roped together, each cannot advance without the other; complementary, they unite to defy the impossible. Like these children, Paradiski has joined forces to link two valleys and resorts that were once so far apart, but are now so close ...

Saype, world-famous for his ephemeral frescoes on grass using 100% eco-responsible paint, accepted the artistic and technical challenge of painting on snow. For Saype, this project "is an opportunity to carry out a creative and poetic challenge, in an immense, pure and immaculate natural environment". Through his art, Saype seeks to connect people! The choice of Saype was a natural one, because his approach to painting in an eco-responsible way and his vision of art, which aims to have an impact on attitudes and society without impacting on nature, were immediately appealing.

To discover these two giant frescoes, we invite you to visit the Vanoise Express cable car stations at Montchavin Les Coches and Peisey Vallandry from 16 December, where you can watch the making-of of these works!

But who is land artist Saype?

In each of his works, Saype captures the fragility of our societies and the challenges of the future. He has created monumental frescoes on grass, earth, sand and snow all over the world: New York, Paris, Venice, Geneva, Cape Town, Turin, Dubai, Nairobi, Istanbul, Ouagadougou, Miami, Tokyo...

The aim of these ephemeral frescoes is to have an impact on people's attitudes, while respecting the environment. They are painted using an ecologically responsible paint composed essentially of chalk and charcoal. Once nature has taken its toll, Saype's works find their way into museums, galleries and cultural institutions around the world.

Among his most striking works is the Beyond Walls series. This monumental project is based on the premise that the world is becoming polarised, and that some people are turning in on themselves. Yet, as Saype points out, "I am firmly convinced that it is by working together that humanity will be able to meet the various challenges it faces". It was from this conviction that the desire was born to share a positive message of mutual support and joint effort across the world by symbolically creating the largest human chain ever made in the world. The project began in 2019 in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and is now travelling the world from city to city, with the ambition of crossing 5 continents and connecting people.