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Your rucksack

You’ve made the decision: tomorrow the whole family’s going walking !

A very good idea when you’re in the mountains for the benefits this sport can bring you: well-being,  oxygenation, conviviality… and one for which it is worth paying attention to the smallest details to ensure the maximum enjoyment in complete safety.

To make your life ever easier, Les Arcs is offering you a few pieces of advice and tips the better to prepare for your walk by means of the backpack which you’ll be carrying.

Once you’ve chosen your route, you need to think about getting your backpacks ready to get the most out of all there is to enjoy while walking in the mountains: the flora and fauna, the scenery and so on.

For a family of 4 people made up of 2 adults and 2 children*, we recommend that you split your load between 2 backpacks of 20 to 30L each.

    As for FOOD, make sure you take:
 Your picnic.

 Some cereal bars, some dried fruit or, failing that, some marzipan to maintain your energy reserves while working hard.

 2 bottles of water (1L to 1.5L), or, if you’re already fully laden, 2 water pouches. Adapt the amount of water to the heat.

 A small rubbish bag to take away your waste.

Small tip :

to avoid making your backpack too heavy and to conserve nature, make sure you remove any unnecessary packaging.

    Don’t forget CLOTHES for all members of your tribe:
 A fleece jacket to protect you from the cold.

 A waterproof wind-cheater to protect you from showers as the weather can change very quickly in the mountains.

 A hat or cap as well as a pair of sunglasses (category 4) to protect you from the sun.

Small tip :

Wear suitable walking clothes in which you are comfortable! Light, supple trousers, a technical, breathable t-shirt and waterproof walking boots will be your main allies.

    And finally, a few PIECES OF KIT which will be very useful in the mountains:
 Sun cream to prevent sun burn (factor 50+).


 A first aid kit (with plasters, bandages, painkillers, antiseptic, survival blanket).

 A camera (preferably charged up).

 A pair of binoculars to look at the animals as children love doing that!

 Your mobile phone with several apps downloaded in advance such as compass, maps, weather forecast etc.

 Your identity documents just in case.

 1 IGN map (UK= OS) a proper compass because a mobile ‘phone won’t necessarily work everywhere.

Small tip :

We strongly recommend that you check the weather conditions before setting off by looking at les Arcs’ weather page or by going to the reception desk in the nearest Tourist Office. Before leaving, don’t forget to tell someone where you’re going (for safety reasons !)

When FILLING YOUR BACKPACK, make sure you don’t exceed a certain weight. The maximum recommended weight for a walking backpack is 10 to 15% of the carrier’s body weight for a day walk.
As for the right distribution, make sure you put 80% of the weight on your pelvis (at the bottom of the bag) and 20% at the top. The heaviest part of the load must be against your back, while the lightest goes on the outside.

Donwload my list

*This equipment list is for indicative purposes only and may vary according to several criteria (length of walk, difficulty, terrain, weather conditions, food, tent …), and of course depending on each member of your tribe !