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It came to us from Austria and can start at whatever time you like! 😉

Very different from hot chocolate round the fire, the après-ski principle is a moment «out of time» to party in ski kit, including boots. You unwind, you enjoy yourself, the sky is blue, in short, you’re on holiday.

Glass in hand, you can dance on tables while admiring a breath-taking view of Mont Blanc. To make the experience complete, you can enjoy shows and concerts on terraces turned into giant open-air dance floors!

The Arpette restaurant

Like the piste and the legendary chairlift of the same name, it is in the Arc 1800 sector.

It’s the essential place for the resort’s riders and you’ll recognise its terrace from afar decked out according to the mood. Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself on the chairlifts on the terrace.

Maximum sunshine is guaranteed on the terrace till sunset. A succession of DJ’s work the decks for a wild après-ski session until closing time at 5.30 pm.

The + of The Arpette:

On Wednesdays the idea is taken even further offering a full evening’s entertainment. On the programme: aperitifs, a typical Savoyard meal, an evening with DJ’s to work all that off and a ski back to Arc 1600 or Arc 1800, accompanied by the ski area’s ski patrols.

The Folie Douce

The Folie Douce idea started this winter in Arc 1800. On the programme: 3 restaurants, a giant dance floor, artistic shows and crazy choreography.

The restaurant can be reached on foot free of charge by taking the Villards telecabin.

You can get there on skis from the Arc 1800 sector by taking the Golf piste (pistes to be established).

This legendary gastronomic and party venue is open every day until 7.30 pm and on Thursdays until 8.30 pm. The venue is also available for private hire – contact them direct.

The programme:

 + WTF Party: every Tuesday

 + Neon Party: every Thursday

 + Closing: 29 and 30 April 2021

Electronik peak festival Event

For a whole week, Les Arcs has been transformed into a Dance Floor, from 15 to 19 March 2021.

Whether it’s the surprise evening’s entertainment, DJ’s on the slopes or Friday’s big evening, you’ll be calling for more!