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Wednesday 21 February updated on 02-21-2024 at 8:06

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Do you dream of speeding down the pistes in our ski area, but you’ve never been skiing?

If you follow our advice, you’ll be the next Enak Gavaggio.

  Before anything else, to ski well you need the equipment: ski boots, poles, skis, helmet, goggles or sunglasses and warm clothing. If you don’t have all that, don’t worry. Come to one of the sports shops in our resort where the staff will be able to advise you on finding the right pair of de skis.

  For your lift pass… that’s even better. First, think about ordering your pass on line or in one of our sales points to find the product best suited to your needs..

 Before starting off, warm up!  To that end, we will leave you with a little video of Élise, your coach, who will show you how to prepare your muscles for your day’s skiing 

  The moment has come … you’ve got to go. If you’re worried about getting started and you don’t know anything about skiing, take an instructor. In private or group lessons, benefit from the advice of snow-riding professional to take you through the first steps, or rather your first slides, on snow.

  If you’re more independent, we’re going to recommend a few pistes  anyway to start off on:

In Arcs 1600: take the Combettes chairlift and on the piste you will even be able to see the Chalets Pointus.
In Arcs 1800: there is a zone dedicated to beginners with a “1st piste” area above the Villard telecabin.

  You will have understood that it is important to choose a piste suited to your ability. If you’re a beginner, choose green and blue pistes, with gentle slopes. When you’re more confident, you can tackle the red pistes.

  Start by doing the famous « snowplough », bringing the tips of your skis together in the shape of a «wedge of pizza ». When you’re more comfortable, try bringing the whole of each ski closer together so they are parallel, knees in line with your ankles.

  Use your poles for balance, to help you get up and above all to push on the flat.

  When you get in, take some time to stretch after a good day or you could have a few aches.

  Most important: make the most of your time.  Even if it seems complicated to you, persevere, that’s how you will learn and find yourself schussing down the pistes.


Conseils pour apprendre à skier : En résumé 

 1.  Commandez un forfait de ski adapté
 2.  Faire appel à un moniteur si vous débutez en ski
 3.  Bien s’échauffer avant la séance
 4.  Se mettre en confiance avec des pistes vertes et bleues
 5.  Entrainez-vous au chasse-neige
 6.  Utilisez vos bâtons pour vous équilibrer
 7.  Persévérez
 8.  Et surtout, faites-vous plaisir !