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What actually is carving ?

Carving is an English word which means «sculpting or engraving ». In Alpine skiing, it is to « cut » a turn, in other words instead of turning by skidding, you trace a natural curve with your skis.

How do you carve ?

Here are some steps to take for successful carving :

- Get up a little speed
- Take up a position in which your shins are against the tongues of your boots
- Turn your upper body in the direction you want to go, facing down the piste
- Put a little more weight on the downhill leg
- …And turn!

If you press a bit more on your downhill ski, you will even go back up the slope a little.

Carving is possible with any type of ski, but piste skis (known as «parabolic») will be better suited to this activity.

Where can I practice carving ?

We have identified for you the best best pistes where you can practice and perfect your carving.

In Arc 1600, the blue Mont-Blanc piste is wide enough for you to make wide curves. The red Clocheret and Arolles pistes are amongst the best pistes and the most suitable for practicing on.

From Arc 2000, the blue Edelweiss and Plan Vert pistes and the red Lac piste are the best for this purpose.

In Arc 1800, take the Grand-Renard, Rêches, Vagère and Froide Fontaine pistes. They are all red runs but don’t panic you will be able to practice happily.


Now you have all the information, you should succeed in making some fine curves on the pistes!