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Tuesday 27 February updated on 02-27-2024 at 8:06

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Enjoying your holidays is important, but being able to look at some photos a few weeks later is even better!

So, here are our top 5 of the best photo spots so you can take the best souvenir photo of your stay in les Arcs!

1- Aiguille Rouge, Arc 2000

The Aiguille Rouge will offer you the best 360° panorama over the Upper Tarentaise Valley. From the walkway at the top, you can admire the Italian Alps, Mont-Pourri, the Pierra-Menta and even Mont-Blanc. Don’t forget to bring a wide-angle lens!

It can be reached from Arc 2000, via the Varet telecabin then the Aiguille Rouge cable car.

2- Col des Frettes, Arc 1800

From this ridge you can admire on one side the Upper Tarentaise Valley, Arc 1800 and 1600, the various peaks which form the frontier with the Beaufortain and on the other side the whole of the Arc Valley with the Aiguille Rouge, Mont-Pourri, Arc 2000 and 1950, the Aiguille Grive… In short, lots of wonderful things await you at the col des Frettes.

To get there, go to the top of the Arpette (Arc 1800) and Bois de l’Ours (Arc 2000) chairlifts.

3- Comborcière, Arc 2000

At the edge of the ski area, a little corner of paradise stands out… The Comborcière sector has everything to please: an exceptional view point over Mont-Blanc, the surrounding peaks and the valley, a natural site of great beauty, a spot to unwind and have a picnic.

There is only one way to reach this sector: take the Comborcière chairlift at the bottom of the Arc Valley (also the departure point of the Pré Saint Esprit chairlift). The view point can be found at the top.

4- Deux-Têtes, Arc 1600

At the  top of the Mont-Blanc chairlift, you will be able to admire magnificent scenery with on one side the famous Mont Blanc glacier and on the other the Deux-Têtes rocks sometimes bathed in sunshine,  sometimes frosty in the cold. It is the ideal place to make one of your best holiday memories into a photo. Be careful, though, not to venture too close to the rocks as the terrain is very rough.

The Deux-Têtes can be reached from the Mont-Blanc chairlift in Arc 1600.

5- Snowpark, Arc 1600

Between two runs, take a turn in the snowpark! Expert or beginner, as a family or with friends, the place is open to all. The playground is covered with spots to immortalise your improvement on skis or your holiday memories: kick, quarter pipe, rails, Les Arcs lettering.

To get there, nothing could be simpler. From Arc 2000, take the Bois de l’Ours chairlift. From Arc 1800, take the Vagère then Carreley or Arpette lifts. From Arc 1600, take the Cachette or Mont Blanc chairlift.

Some extra little tips

  > Fully charge the batteries in your devices

  > Favour the morning or end-of-the-day light

  > Choose your view point carefully

  > Don’t venture onto rough ground


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