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Map - Arc 1800

In the village of Arc 1800, people get about mainly without cars, on the other hand, many of the footpaths in Arc 1800 are tarmacked and accessible to you.*

* In winter, it snows, sometimes copiously. You therefore need to be properly equipped and/or accompanied to reach some installations depending on the weather conditions.


  The le Charvet, le Villards and Charmettoger Car Parks in Arc 1800 all have disabled spaces. These car parks are free in summer but there is a charge in winter.

  Le Charvet has an upper and lower level and you can take the lift to get from one to the other. You can also access the les Villards bus station by taking the lift.

  You will also find adapted showers and WC’s in the le Charvet and les Villards bus stations.

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