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Tuesday 23 July updated on 07-23-2024 at 8:06

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The resort of les Arcs was awarded the Flocon Vert label after a fairly long process lasting almost a year.

The label awards committee, Mountains Riders, the association which grants the label, finally reached a decision on Monday 7 December 2020 and granted les Arcs the long-awaited Flocon Vert.

Les Arcs thus became the first resort in Savoie to obtain this certification which guarantees its commitment to a sustainable development policy. With the Flocon Vert, Les Arcs - Bourg Saint Maurice continues its involvement.

The Flocon Vert label was created in 2011 by the Mountains Riders association to support mountain resorts in their pursuit of more eco-responsible actions. The label is awarded according to criteria spread over 4 categories: local economy, social and cultural, governance and destination, environment and natural resources.

The award of the Flocon Vert enables les Arcs to give better definition to its objectives, to know where its strong points lie and which areas are in need of improvement. It is accordingly a valuable support in coordinating the resort’s actions on a regional scale. This step also enables those involved with the resort to be brought together and actively integrated in a sustainable development strategy on a resort scale.

The work does not stop with the award of the Flocon Vert, as Mountains Riders will continue to support Les Arcs and monitor the actions put in place. Moreover, every 3 years, the resort will be further challenged and will have to commit to increasingly demanding actions.

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