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Thursday 23 May updated on 05-23-2024 at 8:06

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01By keeping myself informed

Here is a non-comprehensive list of the actions taken in the area:

I buy specialized magazines like Les Passeurs n°2 the zero carbon mountain

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02By taking action


You want to throw away your rubbish but don't see any bins on the horizon, that's normal! A rubbish bin outside and at altitude makes no sense.
On the one hand, the weather conditions at altitude can be capricious and this would result in waste flying in all directions.
On the other hand, we would have to mobilise several groomers every day to collect the waste.
The best solution is you! By carrying your own waste in your pockets or backpack, you limit the impact on our environment.
And if you are really looking for a rubbish bin, go to one of the indoor break areas designed by the domain: Pré St Esprit, Marmottes and Vallandry!


When I come to the area, I favour low-carbon public transport such as the funicular, the train, the bus or I try to car-share.


We rent well insulated accommodation and we examine how much energy the apartments use.
I don’t heat my accommodation above 19° by day and 17° in the evening is enough for a good night’s sleep!
I sort and recycle my waste during my holidays and I pay attention to my impact.


I choose local and seasonal produce in the supermarket and in restaurants.
I take care not to waste food, I can use the too good to go app and become flexitarian.
I drink local, the tap water is drinkable and I avoid plastic bottles by refilling my water canteen.

Les Arcs Water


I dress sustainably and choose second-hand clothes or rent them. If I only ski occasionally, I rent skis

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I make myself available and take part in the Stop Waste Tour, the annual litter collection on the slopes of les Arcs.

Stop Waste Tour


I join partner associations for more environmentally responsible mountains.

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If you would like to give us your feedback on this rubric and action spheres, you can contact us at this address marketing@lesarcs.com.