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Sunday 23 June updated on 06-23-2024 at 8:06

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As you will have understood, low energy-use public transport will be your best ally for more responsible holidays.
5 good reasons for taking the train this winter:

• You will be making an enormous effort for the planet by considerably reducing the carbon impact of your holidays!

• It will be cheaper! Ouigo departs from several stations in France and offers unbeatable fares. Starting this winter, it will run from the centre of Paris: Paris Gare de Lyon!

• If you come by train, the funicular is free! Indeed, the last kilometre is often one too many, so we have decided to reward responsible travellers!

• You will arrive on time having avoided numerous traffic jams.

• And finally, no more family arguments at the roadside because the children won’t get car sick and you won’t have forgotten the chains for when you arrive at your destination!

Carbon Footprint

Here's how those shows break down:


Of which 44% attributed to foreign tourists