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Freeride Ski

Your favourite memory of Les Arcs?

My favourite les Arcs memory is in fact, not one but several. What I enjoy more than anything are the stormy days where it’s snowy and windy and where the mountain comes into its own. The biggest strength of les Arcs is that the resort can open a large number of its lifts even when the weather conditions are abysmal. On these days the slopes are deserted and I often find myself skiing alone.

Your favourite spot?

I love skiing under the funicular tracks. The slopes are  beautiful and there are many clearings between the trees which lead to little forest playgrounds. Great fun !

A bar or restaurant to recommend?

I don’t know any of the places in resort as I don’t often go out in the evening, however I have a few regular spots on the slopes : Le Sanglier qui Fume, Arc a bulle, Chalet Griette, le Bois de l'Ours, le Wood Bear

3 words to define your vision of les Arcs?

A ski area with a 360 degree panorama. My 3 words would be : Alpine, pastures and forests.

A commitment which is important to you?

It’s being president of the Freeski Academy. It’s really important that every person involved in the resort gives something back to the community.

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Les Arcs, Rossignol, Julbo, Racer, Alpina Watches, ESI, Pull-in, Ortovox, Jean Lain, Terresens.


  + 7 medals at the X Games
  + 5th at the Vancouver Olympics
  + 4th & 5th at the World Freeride Championship
  + 3-times World Skicross Championship medal winner
  + 2-times 2007 and 2001 World Skicross Championship medal winner


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