Fishing at Bourg Saint Maurice Les Arcs - Ski Resort Les Arcs – France

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A remarkable fishing area stretching from the valley to the mountain lakes

Fishing friends, you will be spoilt in the Upper Tarentaise! With nearly 300 km of river bank where you will be able to indulge your passion, covered by the Association Agréée pour la Pêche et la Protection du Milieu Aquatique (AAPPMA) Lacs et torrents (The fishing and waterways protection association for lakes and mountain streams).

Incorporating the municipality of Bourg Saint Maurice - Les Arcs, l’AAPPMA Lacs et Torrents covers the Upper Isère basin between the massifs of the Vanoise and the Beaufortain and the Franco-Italian peaks.

In such a huge fishing area, all types and techniques of fishing are possible, for the energetic fisherman who enjoys hiking, or for those who are seeking a more relaxed form of fishing in easily accessible spots.


Where to fish in Les Arcs Bourg Saint Maurice.


 + The 5 Lakes, for a great walk 

 + Lake Marlou in Arc 2000, with wild populations of trout and arctic char 
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 + The mountain reservoir in Arc 2000

 + The Montrigon reservoir

 + The Ilettes lake


 + Torrent des glaciers

 + Petite Isère

 + Le Versoyen

Full details: See the AAPPMA Lacs et Torrents web site

Buying a fishing permit: Fishing permitscan be purchased from France Rurale, the Bar Martin in Bourg Saint Maurice and the Chalet de l’Arc in Arc 2000.