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Tuesday 16 April updated on 04-16-2024 at 8:06

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Once upon a time, in Arc 1600, in the heart of the "Mont Blanc" blue run, there was a mysterious, unspoilt forest. Some said it was where you could find "the best skiing in Les Arcs". But this winter, something extraordinary is about to happen. Three giants will emerge from the ground, wooden giants over 7 metres tall.

These giants, sculpted in the image of the majestic silhouettes of the mountains, will seem to emerge straight from the forest itself. They'll be inviting the curious to climb them in every imaginable way: from outside to inside, from top to bottom, from right to left, and much more besides.

Inside these giant wooden mazes, you'll find countless surprises: walls to climb, secret doors to discover, platforms perched in the trees, a giant Mikado to unravel, footbridges that defy balance, and even rope nests to rest in.

It's the perfect place to explore your first sensations of height and balance, all in an environment as privileged as the Arc 1600 forest. But these giants won't just be there to offer fun to adventurers. They will have a more important mission.

These wooden giants will be there to raise awareness among young and old of the importance of mountain forests in preserving our precious natural environment. They will remind everyone that the trees, plants and animals that inhabit these forests are essential to maintaining the balance of our environment. They will be the guardians of the forest, ensuring that it is respected and preserved for future generations.


By ski: Via the Mont-Blanc chairlift on the Mont-Blanc blue run  

Ski touring: Via the itineraries starting from Arc 1600