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Tuesday 27 February updated on 02-27-2024 at 8:06

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Arc 1950 Freeride Week

From 20th to 25th January 2024


The Freeride World Qualifier consists of fifty competitions run all over the world and bringing together the best freeriders. Each event is classified from 1* to 4*: the more stars a race has, the more points its winners will earn. The riders who earn the most points in the Qualifier events are selected for the Freeride World Tour.

The Freeride World Qualifier competitions for 10 – 18 year-olds follows the same model as the official competitions for the professionals: The jury, format and safety measures… The only difference is the difficulty, the slope and the access to certain exposed areas. More and more talented youngsters are attracted by the off-piste, following the example of their elders in the Freeride World Qualifier, and dream of participating in the prestigious Freeride World Tour.

In France, the vast majority of the Freeride World Qualifier and Freeride Junior Tour competitions form the French Freeride Series.  Right from the start, the company Evolution2 has driven the event through their experience in international competitions and the French Freeride Series team’s goal being to promote freeride which is also an inherent part of Evolution2’s DNA.

Arc 1950 Freeride Week

For the French Freeride World Qualifier competition organised by Evolution 2, Arc 1950 Le Village will play host to freeriders coming from all over the world to test themselves on some of the best spots in les Arcs’ ski area. The Village will be transformed into a proper HQ for the Freeriders. 80 to 90 riders from all over the world expected per race!



January 20, 2024 – French Freeride Junior Tour 3*

Competitors will set off in the morning at the top of the face chosen for the Junior Freeride Tour. Les Arcs is a rare destination on their winter circuit to offer a wide range of face options to delight these 14 to 18 year olds. 
Beautiful turns, jumps and tricks with commitment, control, fluidity and caution will be taken into account by the judges who give each rider a score. The objective: to score points on each event of the winter and why not reach the podium of Arc 1950. The village hosts all the highlights of the events.
The local youngsters of the Freeski Academy are counting on making their mark on their playground, the resort of Les Arcs.
Weather Day on 21 January 2024

21 January 2024 - Freeride World Qualifier 4*
The Freeride World Qualifier 4* is undoubtedly the most anticipated competition as it brings together the best riders from all over the world. The riders will set off for an incredible run with the sole objective of getting as many points as possible and obtaining a place on the Freeride World Tour, the Holy Grail of Freeride competition.
Weather Day on 23 and 24 January 2024

25 January 2024 - Freeride World Qualifier 2*
The aim of the race is to show off your best skiing style and try to score as many points as possible by completing a perfect descent with jumps over rocky bars or freestyle-inspired tricks.
Weather Day on 26 January 2024

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