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L’achat de forfaits de ski sera à nouveau disponible dès le mois d’Août.
Opening from July 6th to August 31st 2019

Saturday 20 July updated on 07-20-2019 at 8:06

Opening from July 6th to August 31st 2019

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Freeride Week


The Freeride World Qualifier consists of fifty competitions run all over the world and bringing together the best freeriders. Each event is classified from 1* to 4*: the more stars a race has, the more points its winners will earn. The riders who earn the most points in the Qualifier events are selected for the Freeride World Tour.

For the French Freeride World Qualifier competition organised by Evolution 2, Arc 1950 Le Village will play host to freeriders coming from all over the world to test themselves on some of the best spots in les Arcs’ ski area. The Village will be transformed into a proper HQ for the Freeriders.

Our young Team Les Arcsathletes Ugo Troubat and Hugo Hoff will be taking part in the events, come and support them with us !


19 JANUARY - Freeride Junior Tour
1On Saturday morning, 100 competitors will rush to the top of the face chosen for the Freeride Junior Tour 3*. The les Arcs ski area is one of the rare destinations on their winter circuit to offer several options of faces to race on to thrill these youngsters aged from 14 to 18.
Fine curves, jumps and figures combined with commitment, control, fluidity and good sense will be considered by the judges who will award each player a mark. The object is to win points at each event over the winter and why not get onto the les Arcs podium. 
Young locals from the Freeski Academy intend to leave their mark through their presence in the resort of les Arcs which is their home ground.

28 TO 31 JANUARY - Freeride World Qualifier 2*
It is then the seniors’ turn for the two 2* events on 28 and 29 January and then on 30 and 31 January
The object of these races is to show off your best skiing style and try to earn the maximum number of points by making a perfect run downhill embellished with jumps from rocky ridges or figures inspired by freestyle skiing.


Voor dit evenement starten skiërs op dinsdag 29 januari op Malgovert.

01 & 02 FEVRIER - Freeride World Qualifier 4*
The week ends with a 4* event in which the best freeriders will come together on 1st February, a date to keep free as there are only four 4* races in Europe on the Freeride World Tour of which only one is in France. This 4* stage will bring together the 100 best in the sport from 18 countries.

Throughout the week, village life In Arc 1950 will be centred on the freeriders’ with prize-givings and piste patrols’ entertainments. You can enjoy the show in the ski area every race day from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Race locations will be unveiled 48 hours before each event.


- Ski Hommes
- Ski Femmes
- Snow Hommes
- Snow Femmes


Race Director : Vincent Ramièrevincent.ramiere@spirit1950.com ou 06 80 88 46 12

Organisation Contact : Clémence Thibault clemence.thibault@evolution2.com ou 06 13 56 58 16

Information Contact :info.fwq.lesarcs@gmail.com



Les résultats du FWQ 4 :

- Ski Hommes
- Ski Femmes

- Snow Hommes
- Snow Femmes


- 30 Janvier - 01 Février : FWQ 2*
Tous les résultats

- 02 Février : FWQ 4*
Tous les résultats

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