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Electronic Peak Festival

From 12nd to 17th March 2023

Created in 2018, born out of the love of music and partying in an extreme climate, the Electronic Peak Festival has celebrated the last short winter days each year.

Over the course of six days the frozen faced, fiery hearted festival goers meet up during the day on the Bulle Café’s “Mad Max” style terrace surrounded by immaculate slopes, or in Arc 1800 for a freestyle, family friendly show. At night the festival continues in a selection of the resort’s bars and clubs where you can feel the warmth and unlimited energy spill through the doors. The atmosphere is electric, bordering on extravagant.

The week-long warm-up inevitably ends up at the Bernard Taillefer Centre, a parallel universe equipped with an impressive sound system that rings acoustics to life under the immense Arcadien style dome for a sound that pulses through your veins.

House, disco, afro and techno, every year the festival gathers more than 20 artists, from different horizons. This combination of party lovers with strong personalities is a catalyst for the festival’s sensational atmosphere.

More than just a simple electro music festival, the Electronic Peak aims at sharing and developing culture in the Tarentaise with events that are well thought out and respectful of the mountains and its inhabitants, through a growing implication of the locals and by highlighting the importance of environmentally friendly forms of transportation and upcycled scenography.


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