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Architectural Tour of Arc 1600 

The resort of Arc 1600, which holds the Architecture Contemporaine Remarquable (Notable Contemporary Architecture) label, awarded since 2003 by the Ministry of Culture, wanted to show residents and visitors the architectural and planning singularities of the resort which opened at Christmas 1968. Following a route which takes the footpath linking the resort’s apartment buildings and shops, from the Mont Blanc chairlift to the Chalets Pointus, the visitor will find seven panels - in French and English – providing an educational illustration of Arc 1600’s main characteristics.

The themes have been selected to present the origins of the resort, les Arcs’ architecture and the team of designers:

- The history of the resort with the identification of the site in 1961, the design and surveys, the beginning of construction in 1967.

- The tiered architecture adopted to ensure the maximum sunshine in the buildings.

- The interior layout designed to favour relaxation and mountain living.

- The planning based on separating the movement of pedestrians, skiers and cars.

- The special relationship of each apartment with the mountains.

- The designers gathered around Roger Godino, Robert Blanc and Charlotte Perriand, each introduced by a portrait and a biographical note.