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Wednesday 29 May updated on 05-29-2024 at 8:06

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The Les Arcs Funicular in a few dates...

1974 - 1988 : 1st cable car connecting Bourg-Saint-Maurice (810m) to Arc 1600 (1620m)

1989 : commissioning of the funicular "Arc-en-ciel" (meaning Rainbow) as a french exclusivity, the same for the gateway which make the link between the train station and the funicular start

2011 : refurbishment of the funicular

2016 : refurbishment of the gateway

2018 : arrangement of the bus station at Arc 1600

2019 : Discover the new funicular with a panoramic view!

2020-2023 : renovation work (structure and rails)



     100% electric since its creation

     Panoramic design (fully glazed roof and fronts)

     Comfortable, innovative reams to meet users' needs. They can be adapted to suit winter or summer equipment.

     A driver's seat at the centre of the train: 360° view and panoramic view of Mont Blanc.

     Capacity: 250 people / train

     Ascent: 810m, maximum gradient: 39%, route: 2875m

     600,000 visits/year (winter and summer)