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Tuesday 18 June updated on 06-18-2024 at 8:06

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« Ski, snow and sun! »   

March heralds the arrival of warmer and longer days. To soak up the sun in complete safety, here is some “made in Les Arcs” advice.


N°1: Enjoy it while staying protected.

We need light and sunshine to do us good. It’s good for the morale and it makes us look good. On the other hand, don’t hold back with the factor 50 sun cream on your face, hands and even some unsuspected areas such as behind your ears. A word to the fair-skinned!

N°2: Dress for the sun

Bring a pair of sunglasses or goggles suitable for strong sunlight and don’t forget technical clothing which adapts to your body temperature.

Lastly, even if it’s warm, don’t forget your gloves or your hat!

N°3: Cover the full extent of our ski area

Les Arcs has an optimal exposure to the sun for different times of the day, be it in Arc 2000 eat the beginning of the day or Arc 1800 and Arc 1600 in the afternoon. We have concocted the best circuit for following the sun throughout the day.

N°4: Take your time and cool down

Come and try the different obstacles in the snowpark and link tricks, rails and quarter-pipes. If that doesn’t appeal to you, settle into one of the deckchairs that Lucas Beaufort has provided beside the piste and have a look through our skier’s glossary to be in top shape. If temperatures rise, go and ride the waterslide, falls will be appreciated!

N°5: A water-bottle to quench your thirst

Whether it’s metal, hydro-thermic, red, green or multicoloured, you don’t go out on the slopes without your water-bottle