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Environment-friendly mobility !

What's great about Les Arcs-Bourg Saint Maurice is that it's so easy to get around without a car and without worry, ideal for enjoying the scenery to the full and taking care of your health! For a tourist destination, most of the carbon footprint is due to visitor transport. But in Les Arcs, from the outset, the focus has been on environment-friendly mobility!

For a start, the resort is superbly accessible by train from Paris, Lyon, London and even other European cities. Thanks to the funicular linking Bourg Saint Maurice to Les Arcs in just 7 minutes, you can avoid traffic jams and mountain road hassles! What's more, the funicular offers panoramic views the whole way! Once you're up there, it's super-easy to get around between the different sites, thanks to the free inter-station shuttles. And this summer, take advantage of the free funicular!


Les Arcs sites have also been designed with pedestrians in mind, with paths structuring the urban layout of the resorts. No cars, no smell of engines, no sound of horns - you'll be able to stroll in total serenity, and enjoy a complete change of scenery. Inter-station shuttles and ski lifts make getting from one place to another quick and easy.

But one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery here is on foot or by bike. Stroll among the fir trees, climb to the summits and take a leisurely stroll, you'll be spoilt for choice. So don't hesitate to leave your car behind while you're on vacation. Once you've tried it, you'll love it. However, don't hesitate to bring these good habits back with you from your vacation.

After all, at Les Arcs-Bourg Saint Maurice, two things are important to us: preserving our magnificent playground and making life easier for you, so that your vacation is a complete success. That's why we do our utmost to offer new alternatives to the car: easier, cheaper and more enjoyable! Walk, cycle and enjoy the magnificent landscapes that surround you. You'll discover a more respectful way to travel, while experiencing unforgettable moments.