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Sunday 18 April updated on 04-18-2021 at 8:06

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3, 2, 1, go!
Les Arcs is opening the resort in spectacular fashion on 14 and 15 December and you won’t miss that for anything in the world.

Cheese lovers, you’ll be able to replenish your energy reserves by trying a fondue in the ski area’s various unmissable locations. Whether it’s as soon as the pistes open or later at teatime, you will cheerfully be able to dig your fondue fork in and treat yourself to a delicious meal.  

And for those who can’t be here, we have a fallback solution with THE Savoyard Fondue recipe to make at home.

Cinema regulars, this year the Les Arcs Film Festival invites you to watch 120 films in all parts of theresort. Finland and the Baltic countries are featured at this the 11th festival. You will also be able to enjoy a series of concerts at the cutting edge of the current musical scene, lectures and professional gatherings.

To celebrate the first weekend of the season, we’ll come together at the Folie Douceto enjoy a unique show with a dj set, concerts and aerial dance displays. You will then be able to dance and enjoy yourselves until 7.00 pm.

If you are very impatient, come a week before to have the privilege of opening the ski area and enjoying the early snow on touring skis. Find more about La Première Montée.

Until we meet again, we’ll leave you to enjoy the view in peace while you wait.



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