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Saturday 13 July updated on 07-13-2024 at 8:06

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Les Arcs archi' design

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A second edition at the top

Les Arcs Archi' Design returns from 3 to 5 April 2024. As a reminder, the first edition explored the enlightened vision of the founders of Les Arcs, a source of inspiration for imagining the future of the resort in a creative and responsible way.

Once again this year, Les Arcs will be buzzing with design and architecture for a whole week! A packed programme of conferences, guided tours, exhibitions and an architecture competition.

Once again, we'll have the opportunity to welcome renowned design personalities such as matali crasset, an international figure in this discipline, and Simon Givelet, architect from the Zerm collective. These two experts will be judging the design and architecture competitions respectively.

Between lectures & guided tours

Lectures and guided tours will punctuate the week, whether on the slopes or inside La Coupole, the building that inspired the Les Arcs logo.

A foretaste of the conferences that await us:

St Étienne: When design gets people moving. The metropolis of St Étienne will share its experience of  the Design Capital.

De brique et de broc: le réemploi dans la construction et le bâtiment.

Simon Givelet, co-founder of Le Parpaing and committed architect.

Faced with environmental challenges, the building and construction sector needs to reinvent itself. A major consumer of natural resources, it also ranks second in terms of waste production.

Is there a treasure hidden in your home? By JM Chevronnet and Alix Libeau, Silvera.

Discover authentic pieces dating back to the creation of Les Arcs and the work of Charlotte Perriand. An opportunity to revisit the furniture and understand the creative concepts of the 60s.

Silvera showcases designer furniture

SILVERA, France's leading designer furniture brand, is back for the second year as a partner of the event. Two ephemeral showrooms will be set up in La Coupole and the Lobby of La Cachette to showcase design mountain environments.