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Tuesday 27 February updated on 02-27-2024 at 8:06

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Pedestrian routes in Les Arcs

Whether you're a day walker or an experienced hiker, or even a snowshoer, it's with the greatest of pleasure and serenity that you'll marvel at the beauty of nature and the sumptuousness of the landscapes that surround you.

Explore the 20km of signposted trails and make your day's walking in Les Arcs an unforgettable experience! Breathtaking views and memories galore!

We offer footpaths and walks from every site in Les Arcs. Find them in the pedestrian guide.

Tip: The PASS PIÉTON + gives you access to the lifts and activities in the resort.

Station Plan

La Ballastière Orchard

Bourg St Maurice, Skate Park

A new concept of orchard to discover and experience while strolling through this beautiful ensemble, located on a hill overlooking the Isère and in the heart of a region where traditional orchard meadows, combining grass and fruit, are still very present.

Level green – easy
9 km 47m D+ 88m D-

Durée : 2h
Altitude moyenne : 772m
Altitude maximum : 813m
Type de parcours : Boucle

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The site combines freshly planted orchards, a nursery, a composting area, a vineyard and an apiary, scattered in a large space where natural elements important to the life of the orchards have been preserved: hedges and natural meadows.

A path punctuated with explanatory panels will allow you to explore the site and the history of the fruit-growing civilization that marked the valley while drawing attention to the remarkable ecosystem of traditional orchards. Numerous rest areas are there to allow you to enjoy the landscapes and taste this vast space, dedicated to the rebirth of the orchards.

Opening period

All year round.


Subject to snow conditions.


L'itinéraire est balisé.

Précisions balisage

The trail is indicated by yellow signs with a green inscription.

You can also find yellow rectangles painted on stones or ponds.

Descriptif « pas à pas »

1/ Departure is from the Bourg Saint MAurice tourist office.

2/ Go around the SNCF building to reach the skate park below.

3/ Continue on the cycle path towards the funicular and the whitewater base.

4/ Pass the canoe/kayak training lake, then 500 meters later, continue along the cycle path.

5/ After 6 km, you will reach the Ballastière orchards.

6/ The return is also via the cycle path.

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